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Robert Gerhart
District 279 - Osseo Area School Board

Welcome to my online campaign office where you can learn about my goals as a candidate for the Osseo Area (ISD 279) School Board.

My goals are to bring greater
Our school board is an important entity that encapsulates the community, schools and parents. As an district parent and community activist, I am vigorously working as an advocate for the educational needs of our children.

I believe our best investment is in the education of our children. I currently have four kids in three different district schools, in three different district towns.  I have a vested interest in making sure our schools are the best they can be.  With your support, I will work diligently to build the brightest possible future for all of ISD 279's children in a manner that is both effective and efficient.

As your next school board member, I will ALWAYS put the needs of our children FIRST!